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About Us

Hon' able Dr. Karan Singh (Ex M.P.)
State President

Rajasthan Yadav Maha Sabha
  D R  Yadav
Convener & Editor

Yadavmahasabharaj.com is an exclusive & comprehensive social networking website for the people of the yadav community. This site has been created with constructive & creative motive to bring the people of yadav community come closer world wide. Our aim is to provide a platform for people of yadav community, where we can share our views, know each other & discuss our common problems. This site is also usefull for yadav persons who are in search of bride/grooms,jobs/employees & other professional services. This is also an attempt to compile data base of profile of each & every living yadav on this planet.

The main features of this website are:

  1. Membership—It is an attempt to compile data base of each & every living yadav families with photo of head of family.
  2. Executive Bodies--- The main objective of this site to complete the details &  information about the following  Yadav Samaj Organisations/ Institutions &  their activities & achievements.

(i)     All India Yadav Maha Sabha

(ii)    Rajasthan Yadav Maha Sabha

(iii)    Rajasthan Yadav Yuva Maha Sabha

(iv)    Sainik Prakosth-Rajasthan Yadav Maha Sabha

(v)     Directory & Web Site Committee- Rajasthan Yadav Maha Sabha

(vi)    Akhil Bharat Varshiya Yadav Samaj Dharam Shala-Pushkar (Ajmer)

  1. History of Yadavs—This feature contains ancient, modern & present historical events of yadavs of international , national, political, civil services, sports, films & media, writers & journalists, science , technology & medical scientists, industrialists, entrepreneurs as well as yogi’s/ spiritualists and devoted social reformers & workers etc.
  2. Photo & video gallary---These features will show you selected photo & video coverage’s of  important functions of our community particularly of Rajasthan as well as different parts of India through the link of All India Yadav Maha Sabha .
  3. Matrimonial----The site will also try to provide matrimonial services to our community people. We welcome to all of you specially yadavs living in Rajasthan, Delhi & Hariyana areas and also yadavs residing in other states\parts of India to send/ register  profiles of their  sons & daughters (brides & grooms) to facilitate the best plat farm.

As we know , most of our community people are living in rural areas. They do not get enough supports or guidance for education 7 carrier. We are coming up with a Counselling Cell consisting of educational experts for carrier counseling , Medical Doctors/ Specialists for medical assistance as well as Legal Experts/ Advocates for guidance about legal mattes/ disputes.

Lastly , we need financial support to make all these happen. All of you specially yadav Enterpreners,Businessmen & having Institutions, Schools & their Colleges & other organizations and economically sound may contribute by way giving advertisements about their business , firms & institutions.  We are looking for your contribution to make this effort successful.

We also welcome your valuable suggestions for betterment & make this very much useful for our community.

                                                                                                                                   Jai Hind---------Ram Ram Sa-----

Your's Sincerely
D. R. Yadav
Convener & Editor


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